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订货须知 Order notice

1、订购电流互感器时,请提供型号、额定电流比,准确级及准确线组合,额定输出、短时热电流、额定动稳定电流等参数,其中划线项目必需提供。例:LZZBJ9-10A1 600/505/10P1010/15VA





1、Please supply the modet number, normal current transformation ratio, degree of accuracy or these compounding normal input, instant thermoelectrie current, normal dynamic stabillty current when ordor the current transducerOf these some toms lined are essential. eg:LZZBJ9-10A1 600/50.5/10P10 10/15VA

2、Please supply the model number, normal voltage transformation ratio, degree ot accuracy. normal input when order tho voltage transducer of these some ites lined are essential eg:JDZ10-10AJ 10/01KV 0.2级 30VA

3、.Plense supply the model numbernormal curent transformation ratio and supoly the size of interpenetration i it is tplastic she when order the low voltage transducer.Of these some fems lined are essontial

eg:LMK3-0.66/40 400/5

4、Transformers conditions amblent air temperature-5℃-+40℃ and altitude above sea-level: under 1000mit the ambient air temperature and altitude above ses-level are different from the condition,be sure to declare cleary in the contract. So the factory will produce and deliver products according to requirement form customers.



1、电流互感器型号字母含义Type descniption of current transformer


2、电压互感器型号字母含义Type description of voltage transformer



The secondary Winding of the current tranducer must be forbidden to open when curent passes through the priary winding.ortherwise the safety both of the person and of the apparatus will not be guntanteod


Forbide a short circuit on the secondary winding when the voltage transducer is operating, otherwsw overburing will happon.


Provide the ant-resonance dovice for the grounding voltage transducer so as to roduce the damago of the ferromagnetic resonance.


Apply the induced over voltage withstand test when chect the primary winding insulation of the grounding voltage transducer.Since each transducer has been tested before out of the factory, the test can be left out


When retest instant power frequency withstand voitnge,please operate below 80 percent of the stated testing voltage.


The company products are updated upgraded,the techinica parameter may change, forgive me for not issuing a soparate notice,please communicate get in touch wwith our cpmpany in tme

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